Photo Gallery 2006

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from 2006... a big year for Kaitlyn as well as the rest of us!

db_mum before_kaitlyns birth 001_enh1

db_kaitlyns birth 0201

db_kaitlyns birth 021_enh1

db_motherandchild_kaitlyns birth 029_enh1

db_fatherand child_kaitlyns birth 032_enh1

db_scales_kaitlyns birth 027_enh1

db_going home kaitlyns birth 036_enh1

db_mugshot_kaitlyns birth 048_enh1

db_C-trike_kaitlyns birth 011_enh1

db_samchair_kaitlyns birth 012_enh1

db_brothers_kaitlyns birth 013_enh1

jan2007 016

jan2007 046

jan2007 070

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